6 Signs You are GOOD WITH MONEY

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6 Signs You are Good with Money

  1. You can pay your bills every month

When you want to buy somethings please make sure that you can pay it.

Liquidity is more important than you think.

      2. You have a steady flow of income

Salary man gain an advantage in this.

We got salary every month it’s easy to manage our money.

     3. You can buy things you need

Try to buy things that you need.

(Try to buy things that important in your life, you cannot live without it.)

It’s also important to live under your means.

    4. You know how much you spend

Please keep a ledger, when you done it you will know how much you spend and can control them.

    5. You are able to save money

You must live with spending money less than you earned.

If you can do this you can save money.

    6. You invest to make more money

Nowadays investing is more important. Interest from saving money less than in the past.

So we must learning how to invest in the correct way. You can buy some books to read, search YouTube / Google

to know more about investment. Lifelong Learning!




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