The 6 Reasons why you are BROKE!!!

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#1 You Play The Lottery

Stop! buy lottery and let’s invest the money in stock or real estate

Or anythings you well known … Then you will be rich

#2 You Don’t Have a Side Hustle

“Side Hustle” means others income from Salary

You can create second source from investment.

Third source from Royalty income such as Writing, Songs, Apps etc.

Many source of income will let you have Financial Freedom

#3 You Buy Things You Don’t Need

Stop buying everything you want. Just something you really need.

Such as clothes, you don’t buy every clothes that you like. Just some you need to use it.

Or something that you bought more and more but not stop to buy … STOP IT!! (Cosmetic)

#4 You Don’t Automate Your Savings

Saving Plan is other helping way for you to save money. You can automate save your money into fixed deposits account. Or automate Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) in Mutual Fund or Individual Stock. Depends on how much risk that you can accept and also your knowledge.

#5 You Hangout With Other Broke People

Good friends make good deals.

#6 You Value Entertainment Over Education

Education is more important than entertainment for sure but we can understanding when we serious

in something, we must have to relax. You must balance that two. Anyway study hard for better future.


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